Wednesday, 27 March 2019
IT Infrastructure services

Build, Optimize and Secure Your IT Infrastructure Efficient, Scalable and Secure
IT infrastructure is the engine that drives your business. WorldtechUS Infrastructure Outsourcing services can help ensure that your infrastructure operations run as smoothly and reliably as possible. We work with you to optimize the way you use your core IT infrastructures. We implement robust integrated operations that are built to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards, incorporate proven technology solutions and are backed by specialist technical expertise.

The result is an infrastructure solution that is efficient, scalable and secure, and that strikes a balance between flexibility and cost, while facilitating innovation and future business planning. We offer a choice of pre-built, standardized services that can be customized for your end users. The result is a flexible, cost-effective and secure workplace environment that offers 3 key benefits:

Enhanced mass deployment of custom desktops:
WorldtechUS standardized workplace environment can make concurrent changes to tens of thousands of workplace devices. Our portfolio of pre-built services reduces the time and complexity of design, and lowers project and integration costs

Improved performance and availability: our 24/7 global network of management control centers draws on cutting-edge monitoring tools and highly qualified staff to constantly manage the performance and availability of all traffic

Environmentally friendly services: we work with partners such as Intel, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, VMWare and Google to deliver solutions that are energy-effficient and enable business practices that result in lower carbon output
Faster, simpler and more secure
We take a multi-faceted approach to managing workplace services, drawing on:

Our Rightshore® delivery model:
providing services from a center that optimizes quality and performance, and conforms to recognized industry standards such as ITIL

Strong alliances with major infrastructure vendors:
enabling us to manage the complex network of suppliers that comprise a typical multi-sourcing contract, and helping us support different sustainability policies

A catalog of pre-built service components: reducing the time and complexity of designing a new desktop environment, slashing project and integration costs and resulting in faster transformation

Mass deployment capabilities: allowing deployment to take place quickly, with low risk and minimal disruption
A Shift-left strategy: leveraging our people, processes, knowledge base, remote toolkit and automation technologies to prevent issues from occurring and resolve them quickly if they do

Service management integration:
facilitating consistent and measurable service quality, aligned with your business objectives
We work with you to implement a comprehensive set of data center and infrastructure services designed to eliminate the IT obstacles that stand in the way of your business goals.

From design through to hosting and management, we ensure continuous service, predictable costs and minimal environmental impact.

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