Tuesday, 23 October 2018
Business Consulting

WorldtechUS wants to accompany all your initiatives for business revitalization be it a business unit level initiative of an enterprise wide.
We have vast expertise in working with our clients in transforming organizations significantly. We have deep industry expertise in almost all the major sectors. We have a wide network of domain experts worldwide to provide your business with valuable insights and out of the box innovative solutions for successful and smooth implementation.

Staffing solutions

With WorldtechUS increase your HR efficiency, The top priority for HR is managing costs and we at WorldtechUS will help you achieve sustainable savings through our HR staffing services. Use our shared services and optimize HR efficiency.

Strong Global Team Support
Through our experience we know that initiatives for a successful HR transformation should be global and this is our core strength. We have apt global capabilities, Technologies and resources.
We have specialized human capital management team to support your HR transformation, no matter where it takes place.

Four Ways to Drive down Costs

We work with you to reduce HR costs in 4 tried and tested ways:
Shared Services and Outsourcing: Automate and standardize transactional tasks to cut costs, boost efficiency and enable HR experts to focus on specialized issues

Technology Enablers: Respond more quickly with systems such as HRIS and ERP that provide a platform for operational efficiency, visibility and control
Spend Management: Control your spend by centralizing vendor management, consolidating HR vendors globally and conducting an HR service portfolio analysis to eliminate services with low ROI
Master Data Management: Synthesize disparate data systems into a single master data source to automate changes, reduce human error and lay the foundation for effective master data management
Human Capital Management

As more businesses recognize the potential for competitive advantage in their human capital talent management has become a very crucial parameter in HR managers now consider attracting and retaining talent their main priority.

HR Strategy and Operating Model
A smart human resources strategy and operating model can enable companies to get ahead of the curve and stay there. We at WorldtechUS can help you analyze and develop your HR strategy to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
We deliver an integrated consulting, technology and outsourcing solution by working for you as an independent consultants and designing a strategy and operating model that is right for you.

Our Experience Spans the Globe
Our Human Resources consultants have successfully implemented HR Strategy and Operating Model projects around the world.
Aligning your HR strategy and operating model with your enterprise strategy enables you to deliver the HR solutions that your business needs to be successful.

We deploy 4 key tools to help you re-define the way you work and add value:
Operating Model:
We work with you to determine the best model for executing your HR strategy by identifying key HR functions, their specific roles in the HR organization, and how they work together
HR Organizational Design: We help you design an HR organization to realize your HR strategy and enhance overall performance. We work with a global perspective and take into account your future requirements during the design phase
Business Case for Change: A business case supported by detailed facts and figures is instrumental in gathering support and funding for HR changes. We help you prepare a case that will persuade stakeholders by highlighting the benefits of change
Transformation Roadmap: This tool maps out the journey that lies ahead for your organization. It provides an overview of the processes, technology and HR elements that need to change in order to realize your vision, and establishes a timeframe for the completion of the transformation

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