Friday, 19 April 2019

Students Success Stories

After completing my B Tech I joined a professional technical course but never got a job out of it. Even the same institute denied me to keep me as a Project Trainee which was a part of their course curriculum.

Then I decided to join this course as I heard from my friends that it gives lot of opportunities to grow in the IT field. Initial days I was wondering about the course content but find it to be amazing after getting the job. The curriculum is very much Industry Based and Job Oriented.

I am really happy to be trained by industry experienced professionals and their help in every step to get a Job.

I still take their suggestions on tough time.

Arun K
Aditi Technologies Ltd
(CMM level5 Company)

I was from Bhubaneswar and completed my graduation and tried my luck in job market but was never convinced on the type of job I got. I joined this course and was amazed to get calls after completion of the course and today I am managing a team.

Mamta Sahu
Comtech Global Inc.

With a Weak Communication I never thought of getting into the core part of IT Industry that is Recruitments. Apart from Regular Curriculum thanks to the Personality Development activity. There is no looking back after that.

Surjit Maharana
Amtex Systems Inc

Students looking for Job after trying hard in other discipline should undergo this course and see its benefits.

S Dubey
Tech Mahindra Satyam Ltd.

While I was in US I wanted to earn on my own as I was eligible to work being on L2 visa status. I came across this course and did it online. I thank the entire faculty for guiding me till getting the job and helping me after that as well.

Lalita Anand
Nucleus Solutions Inc.

and many more Successful Candidates are working with Reputed Companies.....

Course Offered
US IT Technical Recruitment:
Overall Exposure to IT Staff Augmentation
Exposure to US IT Market
Orientation on US/Various Regions
Brief on Visa Categories
Various Tax details like W2,Corp-Corp,1099,Contract To Hire and so on.
How to qualify candidates to clients requirements by evaluating, screening, and interviewing the candidates
Detail on Vendor / End Client Model business
Sales Pitch
Targeting End Clients
Targeting Tier One Vendors
Working on Corp to Corp
Vendor Management Systems
Negotiating on Salary of Consultant
Negotiating on Bill Rate with clients
Overview of a Contract between 2 parties
Marketing Bench Consultants

Value Of Technical Recruitment Courses:
+ Technical Recruiter is the #1 Career
+  Need for such professionals will be there till we have use of Information Technology in all verticals of industries.
+  20,000-30,000 Technical Recruiters are needed in next two years
+  Technical Recruiters are highly paid-get quick promotions, their Job is secured Globally.

Why should you become a Technical Recruiter?
This program provides a means to validate your cross functional expertise and earn industry recognition for your knowledge. With completion of this Course YOU will set yourself apart from the competition today by earning the globally-recognized opportunity needed by various companies. Invest in YOURSELF today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

Ideal for Housewives who wants to work from home.
Ideal for L2,OPT and other Dependent Visas in US Who wants to explore opportunities in IT Technical Recruitment
ONLINE Training facilities available for all the Courses.
Training Location: Delhi, Gurgaon INDIA
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